About Roundabout

When Jerry Duncan's band broke up he took a break from music and on that break he started getting the itch to play music again. He was driving down the street listening to a song, Ventura Highway by America and the song made him feel good. He thought it sure would be fun to play that kind of music so he put feelers out and found the other guys, Jim Henderson and Vince Peak. They agreed that kind of music would suit their musical talents and no one else around Spokane was playing it so the band went forward.. Roundabout has been together since April of 2018, performing all over the Spokane area. Around January of 2020 Dewey Dorough started sitting in with the band and soon after he joined Roundabout.. Dewey is a very welcome new member of the bad with his fine saxophone and Harmonica skills. They will play your event, club, private party or whatever at a very reasonable rate. Just go to contact page and leave your information and we will contact you..  Thanks